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Will Contests

Jacksonville Contested Will Lawyer

Florida Will Contest Attorney

A will contest is a specific type of probate litigation in which a beneficiary or proposed beneficiary seeks to challenge the terms of a will after the death of a loved one.

At the Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A., I have extensive experience representing clients in will contests and other types of probate litigation. As a former criminal prosecutor, I have extensive experience in the courtroom, and I aggressively and strategically seek to achieve my client's wishes in any will contest dispute.

If you have questions about a will contest or your rights under Florida probate law, contact my office to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate litigation lawyer.

Basic Information About Will Contests

A will contest challenges the validity of the will in an attempt to get the will thrown out of probate court. If the probate court agrees and invalidates the will, then the probate court will either look for a prior valid will or distribute the property according to the laws that would have applied if the deceased did not have a will at all.

Questions that are often give rise to a will contest lawsuit include:

  • Why am I not getting an equal share of the estate?
  • Why is my sister (or brother, or niece) getting a greater inheritance than me?
  • Why is my brother named as the personal representative of the will? He's not qualified to handle the responsibility.
  • Is this will valid under Florida law? Was it created with will-creating software instead of with a lawyer's assistance?
  • Did a family member exert undue influence over the deceased? In other words, did a family member put pressure on the deceased in order to get a greater share of the estate?
  • Is this the correct will or does a more current will exist?

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If you have questions such as these, or other concerns relating to how to contest a will, contact my office to make an appointment. Discuss your concerns directly with an experienced probate litigation attorney.