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Probate Litigation

Jacksonville Probate Litigation Lawyer

Florida Probate Dispute Attorney

If you are considering pursuing probate litigation, or if you are the personal representative of an estate against which litigation has been filed, you need confident and qualified help from an experienced probate litigation lawyer. At the Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A., I represent individuals through the probate process in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am Douglas A. Oberdorfer, an experienced trial attorney with substantial experience representing clients in probate court trial proceedings. I have a secure understanding of Florida's complex probate laws and how to best apply them to fight for my clients' best interests. Contact my Jacksonville, Florida, office to schedule a confidential consultation.

What Is Probate Litigation?

Disputes arise during the probate process under many different circumstances. Probate litigation may involve the distribution of assets, the determination of heirs, the rights of creditors, or nonmonetary issues such as custody of orphaned children.

Examples of probate litigation disputes I handle include:

  • Which set of grandparents should be named the guardian of children orphaned after the death of both parents?
  • Who should serve as the guardian of an elderly family member who can no longer care for him or herself? Where should the family member live?
  • Is a health care directive or a "do not resuscitate" order valid?
  • What property belonging to the deceased is exempt from debt collection?
  • Is the will valid, or should it be invalidated due to the incapacity of the testator, fraud or undue influence of a beneficiary?
  • Did someone close to the person who died intentionally interfere with inheritance rights by manipulating the deceased into changing the will or making gifts that should be recovered for the benefit of the proper heirs?
  • Is a donative trust properly created? Should the assets pass into the trust free of creditors' claims?
  • Is a testamentary trust being executed according to the wishes of the maker of the trust?
  • Is a financial power of attorney being abused?

Litigating Complex Probate Matters in Florida

Inter-family conflicts about the distribution of assets after the death of a family member are very common. Emotions run high after a loved one's death, and family members may have expectations about inheritances that are not reflected in the estate documents of the deceased. When an estate plan is being challenged, I will aggressively advocate for you and your family in order to protect your interests.

Contact the Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A.

If you have questions regarding probate litigation or other questions relating to estate planning, I encourage you to contact my office to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your rights under probate law.