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Powers of Attorney

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Whether created as part of an estate plan or as separate documents, a power of attorney is a valuable legal tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Powers of attorney must be properly drafted by an experienced attorney to minimize the chances that a family member of other interested party will challenge the documents' validity.

If a person does not have strong power of attorney forms in place, a judge may step in and designate a guardian for the individual — someone the individual in question had no part in choosing.

At the Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A., located in Jacksonville, Florida, I regularly draft powers of attorney as part of my estate planning practice. Because I also represent clients who wish to challenge powers of attorney in court, I know very well how these documents must be written to make them as strong as possible.

If you have questions about powers of attorney, contact my office to schedule an appointment.

Different Types of Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney give another person the right to act on your behalf, either temporarily or permanently.

  • Health care power of attorney designates another person, or series of people, to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. The health care power of attorney may be temporary, for example if you are having major surgery. Or, you may create a durable medical power of attorney form, which is an estate planning document intended to become active only in the event of your permanent incapacitation.
  • Health care powers of attorney are often confused with health care directives, also called living wills. A living will is your own statement about your wishes for your health care in case you are unable to express those wishes yourself. A health care directive is where you would state your preferences regarding length of time on life support, for example, or your wishes about resuscitation attempts.
  • Financial powers of attorney can also be temporary or permanent, and they are useful in many situations. Military members leaving for overseas duty often create financial powers of attorney to give a parent, friend or spouse access to financial accounts to pay their bills while away. If you are buying a house but will be out of the country during the closing, a financial power of attorney may designate someone to attend the closing and sign mortgage and title company paperwork on your behalf. A durable financial power of attorney is part of an estate plan. It designates an individual to have permanent access to your financial accounts in case you are permanently incapacitated by illness or age.

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